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TRS retroquik 2019 Civic ex

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  • niZmO_Man
    What relay harness did you buy? I'm guessing your car has H11 lows, so does the harness come with H11 plug? You plug the relay input into your H11 plug.

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  • crulio
    started a topic TRS retroquik 2019 Civic ex

    TRS retroquik 2019 Civic ex

    I had an HID kit with a relay harness in stock housings and started installing the TRS retroquik kit. The morimoto h1 only has a plug for the harness and it wont ignite like that and I have no idea what to do? However I can plug the h11 bulb on the driver side (relay and stock harness) and the h1 bulb into just the ballast on the passenger side and they ignite. Please help.