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Two input \ power on sources for Wireless RGB Controller \ Halos

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  • Two input \ power on sources for Wireless RGB Controller \ Halos

    Hey All, I'm trying to understand if there is a way to wire up a set of Profile Prism Halos that are around the front of a shroud to be able to be turned on manually, at any given time, even when the cars off, as well as it automatically turning on when the parking lights are turnt on and then turnt off when the low beams are on.

    So obviously the facts are If I have the 12v wire coming out of the controller going right to the battery where it would allow the controller to constantly be on and also allow the halos to be turnt on at any given time, even if the car is off. But you would have to remember to turn it off or on everytime you get in and out of the car. WHat im looking for is keeping that functionality, but also tieing a 12v into the Parking light wiring so the halos would automatically turn on\off with the parking lights on\off function.

    I can obviously have two separate wire leads coming out of the controller to do that, but since the one will always be connected to the battery, it will negate the other one getting and losing the parking signal.

    I know i can use the switchback x change drivers from DD or TRS to accomplish the shut off of them. Its more so how to accoplish the powering on of them from two different sources.

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    If I understand this correctly, you need one switch (which you may already have), and a standard automotive relay.

    For both to work, the halos need to be grounded to the chasis.

    The switch will be controlled from the interior and will have an on/off state, completing or opening the circuit from battery to halos. This satisfies your requirement for having manual powered control of the halos regardless if the engine is running or not.

    The relay will be hooked into battery, and chasis (ground). Used the parking lead powered state as the signal, essentially functioning as a switch, and the output power lead will go to the halos.

    In this way, if even if your manual halo control is in its off state, the parking light control power on halos.


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      ahhh makes perfect sense. I was thinking about without the whole need of a switch separately in the cabin to kill that power for that scenario. Makes sense now. Thanks