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LED headlightbulbes dont work. Halogen does

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  • LED headlightbulbes dont work. Halogen does

    Im trying to wire up 4 stedi type x pro lights to my ford ranger 2006. I have a lazer t 24 evo already mounted. I have ipf h4 LED in my headlights. I have my relays all wired correctly. I got my signal from the opposite side of where i got it for my lazer lightbar because of space. I have a switch for my lightbar and one for my stedi lights. When i turn on the high beam with my stedi lights turned off. My lightbar work fine. But when i turn on my stedi lights the main headlight on the side i got my signal turns off. The same for the lightbar. And no light in my stedi lights. The wierd thing is when i switched the bulbes to the original halogen bulb everything worked as it should??? What am i doing wrong/missing??

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    Hey mate, probably your Ranger telling you LEDs are bad mmkay??...


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      Halogen bulbs don't require a specific polarity; as long as either ends get the right amount of voltage, and the power supply is able to provide the required current draw, electricity passing the bulb's filaments will create that glow that is "light". LEDs on the other hand, require that the positive terminal be supplied positive and the same for the negative terminal. Voltage and current requirement is also more particular, although since this is a PnP type, I assume there must have been some rudimentary circuit (even if it is a simple resistor) built in the LED "bulb" that takes care of that.
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