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LED headlightbulbes dont work. Halogen does

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  • LED headlightbulbes dont work. Halogen does

    Im trying to wire up 4 stedi type x pro lights to my ford ranger 2006. I have a lazer t 24 evo already mounted. I have ipf h4 LED in my headlights. I have my relays all wired correctly. I got my signal from the opposite side of where i got it for my lazer lightbar because of space. I have a switch for my lightbar and one for my stedi lights. When i turn on the high beam with my stedi lights turned off. My lightbar work fine. But when i turn on my stedi lights the main headlight on the side i got my signal turns off. The same for the lightbar. And no light in my stedi lights. The wierd thing is when i switched the bulbes to the original halogen bulb everything worked as it should??? What am i doing wrong/missing??

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    Hey mate, probably your Ranger telling you LEDs are bad mmkay??...