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Ballast or relay problem

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  • Ballast or relay problem

    HEY guys!
    I have a honda civic ex 2002.
    I installed a relay,hid bulbs and plugged in the new ballast and neither of them worked so I went and grabbed some old ones and they worked right away.
    the new one are opt7.
    so I went ahead and wired directly to the battery to see if they worked. Both came on..
    not sure if I got the wrong relay harness or what..

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    I had a similar issue with my bulbs flickering and not coming on correctly and going out when they feel like it. TRS blamed the Morimoto Ballasts (35W) I blamed the bulbs (Osram CBA) since I tried their Morimoto fog lights up there ad things worked fine... until I tested out some cheap ebay D2S bulbs and had the same symptoms... TRS and myself were both wrong... so, I took out the relay (their relay) and wired it directly... working flawlessly.


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      HID kit in halogen reflectors? Yummy (not).


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        Originally posted by niZmO_Man View Post
        HID kit in halogen reflectors? Yummy (not).
        I don't believe he ever mentioned whether or not he retrofitted or just slapped on a kit... O.o