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H4 wiring question

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  • H4 wiring question

    I just got Koito Bi-Beam LED form Toyota Fortuner so I will install it to Honda Jazz (Fit).
    The original bulb type is H4 and I don't want to use h4 to HID adapter, I worry about quality of it. Then I want to use relay to control low and high beam as picture below

    Is it possible to use this circuit? or do I have to add diode between original low beam and 87 of relay to avoid reverse circuit

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    I don't think LED projectors would draw that much current to warrant a relay setup. Unless there's some weird electrical funkery going on.

    I put (HID setup) a diode at the plug going high -> low so both circuits are energised when high beam is used. Wired high directly into projector shield and low going to trigger the relay.