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XChange Drivers and Halo Drivers Inside or Outside?

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  • XChange Drivers and Halo Drivers Inside or Outside?

    Ive only done a few retrofits for my cars and they have all been successful with no issues over a year now. Im finally trying to slowly branch out and do some for a few buddies now. With that being said, alot of my stuff was basic plug and play functionality. Demon Eyes, projector swaps, a halo or LED strip. For this one im doing now for a friend, its involving two halos (a front and a rear). Both are powered on via the oem parking light plug\wire inside the housing. The rear will light up amber and the front will light up white. I am utilizing the XChange drivers to tap into the low beam so they will both shut off when low beams are on.

    With that being said im not sure if all this(XChange drivers and halo drivers) should be kept inside the housing and wired internally via solder connections. Or if I should prep connectors internalls and feed them out externally and have both xchange and halo drivers mounted outside the housing so they can be replaced if need be. Obviously it would be alot cleaner and reliable with internally solderd connections versus using connectors and having the drivers outside the housing to be left somewhere in the engine bay. However if they ever needed to be replaced, and they were inside the housing wired internally, that could pose a big problem. Im not sure what the proper method would be for these components.

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    It's better to keep them outside in case they fry and you need to replace them. They are (usually) potted so water isn't much of an issue but do keep them out of the way of direct water.

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