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50W 6ohm Load resitors

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  • 50W 6ohm Load resitors

    I'm currently using a cheap CAN-bus error free aftermarket HID kit in a Vauxhall Zafira tourer purchased in the UK. It's occasionally kicking up the bulb out error which sometimes causes the light to stop working. I'm tempted to make my own CANBUS relay harness and use a more generic aftermarket HID kit but a better branded one unless somebody can advise a really good canbus HID kit available in the UK in the 70 region. My question is though, it seems most people are using a 50W 6ohm Load resistor to mimic the bulbs and these are the readily available sizes from the manufacturers for doing this job? Though my bulb is a 9012 which is 55W and by my calculations only has a resistance of about 2.6ohms (Based on a 4.6A draw and using V=IR). Now if I run a 6ohm resistor in parallel with a relay whose resistance is about 70ohms, I'm going to end up with a total resistance of about 5.53ohms which is nearly double what the car is expecting to see. Can anybody inform me why the 50W 6ohm resistor is the preferred choice over a 3ohm resistor?