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Trying to wire my LED to H11 on my Nissan, connectors don’t fit..

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  • Trying to wire my LED to H11 on my Nissan, connectors don’t fit..

    i just bought some cheap C6 LED COB lights for my Nissan. The lights are H11 bulbs on my car and I bought H11 LEDs. I unattached the bulb connector and tried to snap in the end of the LED wiring connector to the end of the wiring harness in the car ( yellow plastic bed picture ).. What am I doing wrong or what can I do ? Thanks ..Iím kind of new to this.

    Nissan wiring end of harness.
    end of LED wiring connector

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    Hereís the original bulb socket


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      Do not install those bulbs in your headlamps! They are worse than halogens, I guarantee.


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        Iím new to this game..Thanks for your input. I guess Iíll look around a bit more, but Iím lost what will connect to the yellow connector part end of the harness and f the harness. Is this H11 or 9006 ?


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          The problem is the LED connector. It's a H11 but the mould is poor quality so the internal shape, dimensions and pin spacing aren't perfect so that's why it's not sliding into your factory harness.

          This is good because it's preventing you from making your lighting worse.

          What is your vehicle year and model?


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            Ah..thatís funny..well maybe you have a good point and itís saving a fire in my car too..I guess i will search for something better. I live in Europe, so I have to keep it legal , like around 30-36 watts. I appreciate your help.


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              Please read this: