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2011 F150, spyder housings, h1 projector upgrade, relay harness.

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  • 2011 F150, spyder housings, h1 projector upgrade, relay harness.

    So its a 2011 F150 upgraded with spyder housings with the projector upgraded. So it has a relay harness and instead of using the shutter for the high beam, using an led in the original high spot on the spyders attached to the wires that come off the harness for the shutter. The guy said he hit his high beams and all lights went out, but came back on after turning the lights off then back on. Is the LED too much for the setup? Or maybe another issue, which I know the trucks had electrical issues involving the stock gauges and maybe some other stuff. If the LED is too much for the harness, may do another harness for the highs triggered off the shutter wires. Opinions and any insight is appreciated.

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    Bump. Anyone good with newer F150s? Worked fine when it all was originally put in. Tried a whole new harness and still doesn’t work. Something with the truck? Any help is appreciated.


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      With the 15+ trucks we need capacitors inline with the relay (trigger side) or weird stuff happens. Also might a canbus with those LEDs. This is assuming the wiring is all grounded to the chassis properly (bad ground causes more issues than you will believe) and also that the wiring is capable of everything attached. wire size helper