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Morimoto harness uses standard 40A 12V SPDT relays?

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  • Morimoto harness uses standard 40A 12V SPDT relays?

    Does anyone know if the Morimoto wiring harnesses uses standard 12V 40A SPDT relays? They have all this extra stuff around them so I wasn't sure if a standard Bosch or something else would plug right in? Unfortunately the nearby Napa doesn't carry them, ebay's gonna take a week... and the TRS shop is quite a drive away =\

    Side question - has anyone else had one of their relays fail this soon? I've done 7+ cars now (still have access to a 95 accord that I did in 2005) and only one other relay has ever failed on me (DDM kit that had a relay fail after ~5 yrs). It's suspicious to me that this one failed soon after the 2 yr warranty expired... This was my 2nd TRS harness (previous one had clear relays). Makes me wonder if there was a cost cutting measure?

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    That's what they are spec'd at, 40amps at 14volts. I've had a few fail on me in the past two years and have replaced them with this
    It plugs directly into the socket on the harness

    This is one of the relays I pulled out of a Morimoto harness


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      Thank you I take it the hella one lasted a lot longer than the original? I guess if I get another failure in such a short time period then I'll stop going w/ their design. The rest of the harness seems like quality but there seem to be cheaper, safer bets...