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DRL redirect to LEDs not working.

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  • DRL redirect to LEDs not working.

    I previously did a HID retrofit to an 05 Corolla where I redirected the DRL function from the low beam headlights to my foglights. This worked out well and I did not have a problem. I totaled the 05 and bought an 03 corolla. Now this one did not have any foglights so I bought some LED DRLs that I put into the spot where the foglights go. Now my DRLs turn on but my headlight will not turn on. I checked the wiring and could not find a problem with the connections. Is this an issue where the relay has gone bad (probably not) but I am at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated.

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    A volt meter could diagnose this very quickly. Do you have one?
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      I've got a multimeter and will check on the wiring to see if there is voltage to the hid lights. On another note now I have a short in the wiring to the tail lights. I've got some sleuthing to do thisa evening.