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Does this look right?

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  • Does this look right?

    I want to keep my factory radio with Bose but want to add aftermarket speakers and sub does this drawing look right?

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    Well, you can bypass the factory amp all together since your adding one of your own. Pull the fuse to it to save battery life, or just remove it completely.

    Run all speaker outputs from the factory BOSE radio to the 4-channel amp you are adding and then there should be an output on the 4-channel amp that would go to your subwoofer amp. Connect your speakers to the 4-channel amp and connect the sub to the sub amp.

    The other option is the way you have it drawn above utilizing the factory amp and audio mixer. I donít know much about the mixer but hopefully you have one that can give you full range output on 2 channels and allow the lows to be passed on the channel 3.
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      I cut my factory Bose amp out all together and soldered RCA females onto the wires. My factory Bose radio puts out 2v to the amp already so j didn't need to run a line converter. Yours might be different so please check with a forum dedicated to you car to be sure before you start hacking things up.