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Single Beam to Double Beam Wiring Help

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  • Single Beam to Double Beam Wiring Help

    This is my first post here at HIDPlanet.

    I did try to search the forum, but I couldn't find anything, hence decided to post a new topic. Pardon me if this already exists, Mods can move/delete the topic if they please.

    My current car comes with a headlamp that takes a single H4 bulb for both high/low beams. Since this wasn't quite effective for highway drives, I got the newer version of my car's headlights which is a projector setup. This new setup takes H11 (low beam) and H1 (high beam). The headlamp fits perfectly, but there is one issue.

    When I switch from low to high, the low beam in the projector turns OFF. Is there any way I can keep both ON when using the high beam. ??

    Should I use a Relay or a Diode ?? Also a wiring diagram would be helpful.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to HID Planet!

    You'll need a Morimoto Motocontrol H4 harness for that. And for the low beam you can use a 9006 to H11 adapter.

    Or you could modify your headlight relay. It's super ghetto but it works great, been working for 3 years now. I bridged the low and high side of the headlight relay.

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      What model/year vehicle? You may not need diodes etc
      Originally posted by HK45
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        Its an Indian car, specifically 2017 Tata Tiago.

        The projector lights is what I'm moving to from the reflector headlights.

        Here's a picture. Don't know how to upload pics here.