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Xbt controller power options?

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  • Xbt controller power options?

    good evening,

    i have a 2014 wrangler that ive retrofitted wtih:
    -Mini H1 7.0s
    -morimoto XB35w ballasts
    -xb5500W bulbs
    -profile prism RGB halos 80mm & 155mm
    -XBT controller.

    i currently have the controller wired directly to the battery and have to use the app to turn them on as DRLs

    i have a set of h13(factory jeep harness) to h4 from a previous set of headlights and was wondering if i can splice the adapter harness into the XBT controller and use the headlights to control my halos as if they were set up from the factory.

    as i understand it, these wranglers send a half voltage signal for the OEM halogens to be used as DRL function. would this interfere and cause flickering power issues for the XBT and the halos them selves? and would i need a resistor inline to stop this? and since the h13 pinout has a Hi/Low/ground would i have to tie both wires to the power for the controller to be able to keep it running with both HI/Low beam active? i do plan to test what connections have power when the jeep is running and the Multifunction switch is in each position; OFF Low and High

    is this even a viable/good option to do?

    im looking for any input towards this idea. in theory i think itll work but im just not sure. it would also make my life easier than having to turn them on with bluetooth everytime i get into the car, and save me from running another switch into the cab.

    Thanks in advance,