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"Help" modification bi xenon directional valéo

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  • "Help" modification bi xenon directional valéo

    I recently bought a car "Renault laguna III" with directional bi xenon headlamp with bulb d1s after verification it is a projector valéo

    It lights rather better than some projector like the mini h1 7.0 but unfortunately it is not perfect

    first imperfection the lighting on the right side misses a lot it illuminates less wide on the right side than a lot of projector

    big black dot also the lens is not so clear and read results the cut of the beams is very average there is no reflection

    So I have the project for the end of the year to change all his and insert a better projector but that it because it must match as best as possible originally to fit on the system AFS

    if anyone knows something I'm interested

    here is the link one you could the original projector that I currently have

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    If you can fit another projector into the factory AFS bracket, AFS should theoretically work if there's no interference.

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      Did you try open up the projector and see that if it has a side specific limiter?
      If your projector can be separated from afs bracket then you may be able to fit another projector into that. But that depends on your skills.
      For ex Here is afs bracket from mk3 octavia that uses e46/al projector. It easy to separate and I guess mount another projector too

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        I have unfortunately not yet dismounted all his,
        I am going to buy a pair of lighthouses this summer (to make all his quietly)

        I do not know how it really disassembles but its not to be out of my reach all I have is these pictures

        what displeases me is that the lens is not very clear and therefore it has no bluish reflection in addition to eating a little light

        but the beam crossing is also not very high on the right side it is noticed on this photo

        I would have liked to have a beam in low beam as in this video
        or there the projector is also a valéo but not the same, you think that for example he can still go on my car?