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2005 GMC Sierra retrofit

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  • 2005 GMC Sierra retrofit

    Hi all,

    I saw the retrofit done by Boo5ted and decided I wanted to do a similar retrofit. I purchased Morimoto MH1 7.0 with 55watt ballasts and 5500K bulbs. I did the physical installation and turned to the wiring. Here's where I need some help.

    Each ballast is wired to one relay but each line is fused at 15 amps. When i first installed the set I had issues with the driver's side (passenger works great). At first it would fire and eventually died all together. I tested all the hardware back and forth and determined all the hardware is functional. Left me confused until I reinstall everything and went to test the light, didn't work. Long story short, when the high beam wire is plugged into the solenoid for the shutter it causes the bulb to remain off. I don't know if it's the ballast or the ignitor. Passenger side works perfectly.

    I'll add too, when the ballasts are on it basically cancels out any reception in my radio's antenna. Doesn't bother me too much as I mostly use Sirius anyway.

    High beam is also on a single relay but individually fused lines. I'm confused why my passenger side setup would work great but the driver side doesn't want to work. Any input would be great.

    I'll add, the GMCs cancel out the low beam whenever the high beam is on. I've installed a diode between the high and low beams allowing the lows to stay on when I turn on the highs.

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    So after quite a long time back and forth between Morimoto and TRS I have this solved. Turns out one of the bulbs was defective. the wiring inside the plastic broke and caused arcing. This was shorting through the plastic to the metal of the projector housing and causing the issues. TRS sent me a new bulb and the system works better now.