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Multiple HID Harnesses

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  • Multiple HID Harnesses

    I know I am not the only person to have installed multiple hid projectors we see it all the time on here However, I cant seem to find anything on Eliminating wiring or building a custom harness. I am working on a Project Space in the Engine Bay is Minimal, and Im Trying to clean it up as much as possible. I Have installed quad h1 hid projectors in the headlights and matchbox hid projector in the foglights.
    I have 2x110mm 2x100mm 4x80mm and 2x60mm halos.
    This Leaves me with 3x HD relay kits, 1x MotoControl Bi-xenon harness, 6x Ballasts, 6x igniters and 10x Switchback controllers. I am not worried about it being plug and play obviously or having to make a custom wiring harness that is the Plan at this Point. Just wanted a second opinion on the do's and dont's before I dig in. What can one do without or with less of and what cant you do without? Thanks for your help guys, Im sure I wont be the only one you help out.

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    Quad H1 HID projectors are arguably redundant. You could certainly get rid of one pair. But the HID fogs and Christmas tree assortment of halos are definitely unneeded extras. Getting rid of all that, would certainly make things easier on you. Is this a show car?
    [ 1999 Honda Prelude SH ] [ Hybrid TL projectors with OEM ZKW lenses] [ Adjustable OEM Ballasts ] [ Bi-halogen projectors with HIR bulbs]