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d1s 3000k question?

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  • d1s 3000k question?

    Hi Guys. I bought a VW Passat b6 2008 highline. The car has all the extras possible including Xenon lights with AFS, which i like very much. I would like to buy some Morimoto 50w hid sets in 3000k for fog lights and high beams, and, here is the tricky part - all that would get along nicely with a pair of D1S in 3000k as well. My 2 questions are whether i would be able to see well with 3000k in the main lights, and, secondly, if it would be wise and safe to buy a pair of these Chinese unbranded bulbs off of e-bay, since I saw no brand name selling d1s in 3000k? Will I not be running the risk of killing Oem ballasts, which are rather expensive by doing so? Perhaps you could recommend a brand that makes reliable d1s in 3000k, some website dealing in Xenons that accepts Paypal and ships worldwide? Tnx for replies!

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    I definitely don't recommend a yellow light for your headlights--keep that for the fog lights. The stock 4300K color is ideal and as yellow as you should go for proper visibility on public roads.

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      Thank you guys. Ive decided to take d1s 5000k. Are Chinese Cnlight any good? I have them at local shops. I would rather take Morimoto bulbs, but I would have to order those on eBay...


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        Why not order through TRS? Just click the store tab at the top of the page. They are a company that tries to have good customer service and they own this forum. And anything from ebay is a gamble.


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          There's a guy on headlight Junkies selling a pair of d1s cbi bulbs for $100. Might wanna check it out


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            I will look into it for sure... Tnx guys...


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              CNLight bulbs are OK. It was the old XB35.

              So good that UV emitting was lower then all OEMs (tested here by a user with the sensor), but sometimes the alignment on them was not spot on, but just buy another until you get it right.

              Yeaky bulbs are now the best of China aftermarket. No issues whatsoever, and seems to be brighter.

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