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Would Like Your Input On My Output - Adjusted B Stock Mini H1 6.0 's (first retrofit)

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  • Would Like Your Input On My Output - Adjusted B Stock Mini H1 6.0 's (first retrofit)

    Ok so it's not a completed retrofit yet but going to be!
    First time modding a set of projectors Im actually going to install.

    Ordered these from TRS, output was alright. Unfortunately did not get any before pictures.

    Anyways so these shots are after:

    1.) Filing down the surface of the bulb seat so it's completely flat. I dont think I took off enough material to bring the bulb any closer to the lens.
    2.) Aluminum foil behind cutoff shield so it rests just a bit forward on lowbeams.
    3.) Not so aggressive foreground limiter. These are going to be foglights but I want some foreground bc I wanted better fogs so I could see potholes(Socal roads)
    4.) Added 1 washer between the front surface of the shield and the lens holder on each bottom mounting hole.

    Only thing left to do is file down the cutoff shield to remove the step.

    Generic 35W digital slim ballast + some generic 6000K H1 bulbs.
    Shots are taken from just over 30 feet against a wall a my work(hence the blurred out bottom half of the pictures).
    80 ISO(auto) & 0 exposure bias.

    I think Im happy enough with them to put them in the housings now...thoughts?
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    Looks great!!!
    why RHD tho? Aren't u in SoCal? Although it won't matter once u file it down.