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  • amp / d2s question

    So im confused on how an Amp to d2s adapter work. For example, i have a D2S socket projector, but I use a D2H bulb because I had amp ballasts. I want to try out some D2S bulbs, So im going to get a Amp to D2S adapter. My question is, what happens with the oem headlight connector that my two spades from my D2H bulb are plugged into? I wouldn't have any spades to plug into that from a D2S bulb using a D2S plug.

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    In the case of your D2H , the connection should be:
    ballast -- ballast side AMP connectors || D2H side AMP connectors -- D2H bulb

    In the case of a D2S bulb, then it just replaces like so:
    ballast -- ballast side AMP connectors || AMP connectors -- D2S socket || D2S side connector -- D2S bulb

    The AMP connectors on one side and D2S socket on the other just goes in the middle, and everything else that connects to the battery, chassis ground, and oem headlight socket remain unchanged
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      I understand how to just throw the adapter in the middle of the mix. But my current bulb(D2H) has 2 spade connectors that go into the stock headlight harness inside the assembly. Once the D2H bulb goes away and the D2S bulbs goes in, theres nothing to connect into my stock headlight connector. So I dont understand how the bulb triggers.


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        You can continue to use the same wiring, just remove it from the D2H bulb or use a wiring harness.
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