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Amazon Retrofit... Any experience?

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  • Amazon Retrofit... Any experience?

    I'm looking into doing a retro fit into my current housings which are: ( )

    I was thinking about doing a retrofit, but jesus morimotos are kinda pricy. Whilst browsing Amazon I found these :

    Now, My current housings use a 9006 type bulb for the lowbeam. I was wondering if anyone knows if this retrofit kit would work? It says for H1/H4 bulbs.

    All the reviews on these lights are pretty good, I've seen videos and pictures and they are pretty good. I just want projectors in my truck so I can use HIDs without blinding everyone.

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    TRS also sells generic projectors like those with H1 rebased halogen bulbs.

    I haven't seen the equivalent of TRS' Mini H1 version 6.0; the reflector bowl is different from prior versions and the output is quite good.

    The reference to H1/H4 bulbs has to do with the threaded back of the projector having mounting pieces that are shaped to clock a right hand traffic H1 or H4 bulbs correctly. For other bulb type, you don't need to use those H1 or H4 specific mounting pieces, or just use it, but the projector will still be free to rotate (i.e. to change its roll alignment) until you tighten it and possibly epoxy it in place.

    For a pair of good quality projectors, check out used oem projectors. Even the Hella e55 low beams (like in TRS' closeout section) would perform better than those generic H1's imho. What the oem's don't give you is the clear cutoff. You can buy compatible clear lens, but they are probably better off left oem cloudy.
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      You need to check on the difference between using generic MH1's and Morimoto MH1's - the output is vastly in favor of the Morimoto's - they aren't that expensive. And if you want to save some cash, you can get B-Stock and deal with the imperfections that they may have.

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        I have bought 2 pairs of those amazon mh1's. They aren't bad.... And much better than my stock halogen reflectors. However already have the itch to upgrade so I'm working on getting TL projectors in my factory lights. They will work for a while, but you will quickly want better projectors.

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