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Best projector for 08 WRX?

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  • Best projector for 08 WRX?

    My friend has a 2008 wrx and ill be doing a retrofit on them for him.
    My question is: what is the best bi-xenon projector to put in these, whats pretty much a direct swap in, if anything?
    I know its had to of been done before, so looking to get some ideas! thanks

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    TRS has the Retro-Quik Bundle for the 06-12 Impreza, I have no experience with them, but someone else may be able to chime in.


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      sti projectors are a direct drop in. With a little "magic" they can be converted to be bixenon too. I have some pics of them somewhere on the forums I know. The width is incredible from these projectors once they are modded.

      *I will be unavailable for projector modding and retrofits until further notice*


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        That particular retro-quick is currently still using Mini D2S v2.0.

        The GV/GR Impreza family can take the FX-R with some work.
        Jul 2012 ROTM (3-way quad headlight) ; Sep 2015 ROTM (custom muli-lens 7" fogs)

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          Might be best to get some aluminum sheet and just make a custom mating bracket.