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    what all would i need to get to do a retrofit on my car.... links to items would help


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    Ballasts, bulbs, projectors, relay harness. Mounting hardware.


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      so then the complete kits would be all i have to buy and if so which one should i go with...
      Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit (D2S) or Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit (H1)


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        You should really do your research, there are countless threads on everything you're asking. But to sum it up, most people prefer the MH1 over the Mini D2S for output. It's somewhat superior, the only upside of the Mini D2S is you can use OEM bulbs with it which really doesn't matter when the output is better in the MH1.

        This forum has everything you need to know, but simply asking what you should buy won't teach you anything. Go to the "University" section of the forum and read up a bit, you might even find other options that would be better for your application.


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          so the h1 kit would be what i need to start...


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            Like I said, do your research. Don't just listen to what other people say. When I was starting people were recommending the same thing (MH1) and although it might work for some, it's not for every vehicle. And your car is common enough that I guarantee you it's been done multiple times, search around for those threads and see if you like the results.

            A retro takes time and money, get to know the parts before you buy something. That's an expensive mistake to make.


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              Research some more. I did my research and went with the Mini H1.


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                So would the mini h1 kit have everything to do a retro.... And I learn by doing not reading.... I wired my radio and system in by doing wired in my leds by doing.... Set up a couple cop cars buy doing.... So thanks for the help


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                  so i just read the How To: Retrofit Projectors into Reflector-based Headlights by trs and will read more. i dont plan i doing this soon, my goal is to get it done by the end of july...

                  and i dont want to go to expensive just in case i screw something up... cheap is fine, i just want to get my feet wet so next time i can do a better job....


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                    It has all of the lighting components, yes.


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                      alright thanks wombozi


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                        No prob, we just like to give someone fair warning before they dive in and get frustrated.

                        The Mini H1 was a very easy first retrofit. The most challenging part was taking apart the headlight.

                        Good luck!


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                          Oh im no stranger to getting frustrated.... Prolly cuz my fuse is really short but I dont care I push thru it..... I like the challenge, could be y I just go for shit without reading


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                            with a retrofit on a caveleir youll need to look at how much you want to spend, what kind of driving your normally doing, that kind of thing if your a normal town driver looking for the easest possible retrofit to do MH1 would be a good bet but if you want the use of the OEM D2S bulb standard the mini D2S is ok

                            due to the fact your lights are aimed from the mounts of the assemblies youll need to find a way to seal up your lights also make sure you got the room behind your light for the back of a projector to fit in your lights at a reasonable depth (that includes with the bulb and D2S connector from the ballast) the E55 is a nice projector (requires cutting and custom mounting and plenty of time) i do strongly reccamend the clear lense swap on the projectors to get that extra little bit of light OEM projectors are your best bet for best performance but you have to consider the size restrictions of your headlights the E46 isent a bad projector eather i reccamend the E55 because they perform well on low and high in my opinion especially since they are easy to find usually but do some reserch and also look at the output shots of the projectors in the forums the output may look like its a bit too thin to put out alot of light but on the road it does the job very well a retrofit is a fairly desent job to do (on a cavelier its nothing big to mount it on its doing the retro thats takes the most)

                            best of luck to you with your retrofit i hope you find the projector that works best for you you have to remember that you need to find the one that will suit your application and do what you think is best for me i like the E55 its got plenty width for my likeing and put out plenty of light to the road and with stock lenses the cutoff isent that bad i plan on doing the clear lense swap later LOL to get that nice clean very sharp cutoff the chrome on the bottom of the light i reccamend doing with a matt finish so it doesent cause any glare or anything
                            my vehicles

                            2013 subaru impreza WRX STi new body style (some mods)
                            04 subaru impreza WRX STi (project car)
                            2013 ford F550 platnum dually (extreem mods CAT engine swap)

                            my wifes car

                            2012 subaru impreza limited sport (some mods)
                            07 hyundai accent GLS (extreem mods)


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                              Im currently working on doing a retro in the same car.

                              The Mini H1 is sadly to large. I have a mini Ds2 on the way that will hopefully fit without minimal mods to the lamp. But its so close im not sure, so thats why I have a mock up projector on its way. To see if it fits, otherwise itll be time for a full retro.