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How to search the forums efficiently BEFORE asking a question!

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  • How to search the forums efficiently BEFORE asking a question!

    Searching effectively is the first step in learning how to retrofit your head lights (or to do anything really). Here's how to do so, so that you aren't asking a question that has been answered 100 times already, making yourself look like a noob and frustrating experienced members.

    Don't bother with the forum search bar
    , it's useless most of the time because we like to search for TL and FX-R and HIR and the like, all terms that are too short.

    Instead, use Google! Google is great at sorting your results by relevance (something the forum search never did well).

    Just click this link and add your search terms in the box after the code, as you would any Google search.

    For example, here is a search on the HIR halogen bulbs: HIR

    Or type your car into search for previous retrofits to inspire your build! Chances are someone has retrofitted your car before, and their thread will answer your questions and be instrumental in your build. IS300

    You will be amazed at what you will find pertaining to your question. Searching this way gives good results quickly, so you don't have to sift for hours (or give up immediately). Searching also helps you find things you didn't even think to search for, and can help you get even more ideas for your project.

    Also make sure to check the HIDPlanet University for much information on projector details, wiring diagrams, mounting procedures, alignment tips, etc.

    If you still can't find your answers after searching, make a thread asking SPECIFIC questions. Read this link before posting a new thread:!!

    Experienced members are more likely to help you out if you seem to know at least a little. Specific questions are also easier for people to answer, so you are more likely to get responses faster. Pictures are also VERY helpful.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    I hope this helps, Happy searching!
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    ^^^Good man!

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      Hey guys, yes I am new to this site so please don't look down on me, I am in need of a retrofitter someone living in the nyc area and someone who wont charge an arm and a leg to do a led tail light build on a 96 camry, money isnt the issue so anyone who knows or wants some money please reply


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        1) You posted in the wrong place
        2) You want someone to do work who doesnt charge an arm and a leg but money isnt an issue?
        3) Try HID ILLUSIONZ in NY
        4) Replied. Awaiting your money.


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          ***MH1 Retro***
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