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"dummy" projector lense for highs

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  • "dummy" projector lense for highs

    I have an extra pair of projectors from BMW's halogens highs.

    Would it make any sense (as far as getting more usefull light output) to install just a lense infront of my current halogen high bulb? Not entire projector as I don't think I'll have enougth space for it but just the lense itself.

    And in case I wil have space to install entire projector - are halogen "high" projectors usually better then regular halogen "high" reflector bowls?

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    If you put a lens over the halogen reflector it will totally ruin the output.
    Best to use a dedicated high beam projector, or some other projector that has a good output with the shield removed.


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      Find a high beam projector that'll use halogens if you're gonna do something like that

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        The lens of a projector setup serves to focus light. If you could accept the narrowing/focusing of the beam dispersion of the reflector you're currently using, then you can consider it. If the reflector's dispersion is already narrow, then it probably won't make sense.

        Suppose you're ok with a slight narrowing/focusing of the high beam, then one way to minimize the narrowing is to place the high beam bulb closer to the projector lens than its focal point. Since the lens is made of glass, it's probably ok to even get the bulb to almost touch the lens. Depending on the bulb type, the filament may not be able to get close enough to the lens though.
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          You can modify MH1's to take a halogen H1 bulb, and remove the cutoff shield and solenoid for an awesome high beam.
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            Originally posted by wireless View Post
            You can modify MH1's to take a halogen H1 bulb, and remove the cutoff shield and solenoid for an awesome high beam.
            ^ This.

            I remember reading about them having issues with prolonged halogen use but if you're just using them for high beams then you'll be fine.

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              I wouldn't call the MH1 awesome when fitted with a halogen.
              I've done this and it is far from being awesome.
              The focal point of the H1 bulb is not right for the projector so there is very little of a distinguishable 'hot spot' which is necessary for a good high beam.
              I had to grind down the back of the projector to shift the bulb forward in to the correct focus. Now it's better, but still not fantastic.
              There is too much spread for a high beam IMO.

              If I do this again, I would use a MiniD2S as the hotspot is more concentrated and should work better as a high beam.
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                I put a pair of projector lens, lens holder and mini gatling gun shroud in my high beams. I did it cuz I hated the look of just the MH1 in the lows. I don't use them or even have bulbs in them since I don't use the high beams. Out of curiosity I put some bulbs in there and the output was quite horrible.