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anyone ever retrofit a 03-05 Chevy Cavalier?

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  • anyone ever retrofit a 03-05 Chevy Cavalier?

    im wondering if anyone has ever retrofitted a 2003-05 Chevy Cavalier

    heres the headlight

    CV10098A1L.jpg CV10098A1L-X.jpg

    i found the bi-halogen projector headlights heres a cuple of pics

    02-AZ-CC03-PBC-RF-A.jpg 02-AZ-CC03-PBC-RF-A-01.jpg

    these aftermarket lights look to be alredy setup for a bi beam projector but im wondering will a 3" bi-xenon fit in these? using nissan E55s for projectors with the original matsushita D2S ballasts for the retrofit

    any ideas anyone? the rear cap seems to have plenty of room for the projector but im wondering whats the best option to go use OE style headlights or use the aftermarket bi projector headlights (ditch the cheap e-bay stock projector and mount the E55 in its place retining the aiming mecanisem and use a single xenon relay harness or use the reflector 9007 ones with a bixenon 9007 relay harness)

    ive never retroed the last gen cavi before so this is a new creature for me though me after doing a few retros

    has anyone ever used or seen these ebay bi-beam projector headlights at all?
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    I did a retro on a 97 cav. I had to do a bunch of cutting behind the head light to get the projectors to fit. I tried the eBay projectors first and there out put was terrible.


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      The first lights will be easier.

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