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2012 kia optima OEM HID question

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  • 2012 kia optima OEM HID question

    i know this is odd but im wondering if the new optimas have a single xenon or bi-xenon projector for their HID headlights also whats the projector lense size (to me it looks 2.5) i do know they are made by AL auto lighting and use a D1S bulb they have an H1 halogen high beam/DRL (canadian version) any info?
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    If it uses D1S and has a halogen high wouldn't it be a single xenon then?
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      At least European Optima has two projectors, outer is D1S single xenon and inner H7 halogen. No bi-xenon as far as I know.
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        The optima is a xenon HID, not bi. They have separate high beams. I BELIEVE the lens is a 3