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1987 pontiac fiero

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  • 1987 pontiac fiero

    i have a pontiac fiero that a friend wants to be retrofitted now im wondering has anyone ever retrofitted a fiero's flip up headlights before they dont look very roomy so im wondering about any sudjestions on what to do with the lights it uses your normal seald beam crap and trust me they are HORRIBLE i just took the car for a spin to see what kind of lights this thing has and they are the worst ive ever seen and i thought the u-haul trucks had crapy lights for now i tossed in some actual halogen seald beams and they arent good eather but they do work better this car still had the ordinary incandesent old school seald beams (im amased they havent died yet) anyways the guy showd up with the H4 clear lense conversion lights to do the retrofit with other then that issue these little cars are the neetest little 2 seater ive ever driven i love the little thing its nothing to right home about for power but its an awsome little toy to mess with anyways

    heres the seald beam type: H6054

    other then that its your normal every day bulbs that any body with a tool box probibly got kicken around

    heres what the car looks like (the one im working on looks exactly like the pic) sorry the big images but for some reason the site wont accept the images any other way like normal (yet agane the net doesent like me) anyways below the pic of the little yellow fiero (and yet this car is a very small little econimy sports car yet still fun as hell to take for a spin haha) anyways from the look of it i havent got a large amount of room to work with on this car since the light assemblies (dont know if theres another name on em) anyways i need to get some bi-xenon projectors in this little guy so the owner can see in the night (for the record the owner of this car is the original owner of it he baught it in 1986 for his first car and never ever replaced a single light on the car so you can emagen driving with lights from the 80s this car is 100% original 0 mods at all its bone stock the guy just wants better light then seald beam (he also has a 2006 BMW 3 series with HID and he wants HID on this car as well so if you all got any ideas feel free to let me know) sorry for going on a mile long speal haha

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    Hey Da-Sarge

    Glad to see a topic about Fiero's! Been driving one since I was 17 in 2008. I've always hated those H6054 crappy sealed beams so about a year ago I decided to retrofit my headlights. I did a kinda sloppy write-up over on a Fiero forum with my retrofit. It wasn't too hard but the hardest thing I had to overcome was getting the projector to sit low enough to not touch the headlight door and make it stick out. You might want to check it out and get some ideas.
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      Here's are 2 pop up headlight threads.
      Might help.