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    How do I attach photos to a thread or post ?? went on search but came up empty . BL

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    Originally posted by BERLAW View Post
    How do I attach photos to a thread or post ?? went on search but came up empty . BL
    To post pics use the IMG tags with a link to the picture. ie [img][/ img] Without the space though.

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      Upload your photos to a service that will host them for you (Photobucket etc.). To put the photo in your post, click on the "Image" icon at the top of the Reply window (3rd from right) and type or paste the link to your photo in the popup box that comes up.

      If you tick "Upload and reference locally" then that puts more on TRS' server. I consider it good netiquitte to just link to your host.

      You can also upload direct from your computer by going to the appropriate tab in the popup window. Again, this puts the photo on the HIDPlanet server.

      It's a good idea to reduce the size of your pictures, too. Makes for faster loading of the page and avoids cropping, which can be a bit of a problem if the important part is on the right hand side of the photo. 480x320 is usually a good size.


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        Tried searching- didn't help, can i just ask if there's a way to go from single xenon headlamp to LED halo headlamp. Whole housing changed out. There's a plug that isn't matching the prongs inside of it. Need an adapter maybe. Anyone know what to do or it's not possible? Mini Cooper S 2005 came with single xenon. I believe is single xenon. How can i know if it's double. So many things to read about!!
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          Err, what?