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Please Help fog light/HID 95 Civic

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  • Please Help fog light/HID 95 Civic

    Again I decide to do it myself and run into issues.

    I will try to make this as short as possible. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

    I have a 95 Civic DX. I had aftermarket fog light's that I had hooked to a toggle switch (not the cheap one that came with the kit) and is also connected to the fuse box under the dash. Everything was working fine, except they just plain sucked. So i decided to get some new HID's. Got the complete kit, came with new fog lights and the HID ballast/bulbs. The harness for the new fog lights were exactly the same as the old one so to save time I left in the old harness. I took bumper off replaced old fog lights with the new, installed ballast and everything was going well. I tested at first with just 1 of the fog lights hooked up (long day wanted to get to bed), and it worked amazing. I am still shocked how bright those things can get. Anyway today I hooked up the other one turned it on and everything was ok for about a minute. Then right one started to flicker then went out. I turned off lights and turned back on, nothing. Checked wires.grounds everything was good. I then checked every single fuse in my car, then double checked with a fuse tester all were good. The harness has 1 relay and 1 fuse, i replaced both and still nothing. I have no clue what to do. I switched out the new fog lights and re-plugged in the old ones with the crappy halogens....and nothing.

    Please if anyone has any ideas I would be forever grateful. If pictures will help I can upload immediately.


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    The harness is not supplying enough current to the ballasts. Get a dedicated relay harness for them, one that hooks up straight to the battery and doesn't rely on the vehicle wiring.


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      Wouldn't the original halogen fog lights still work though?
      And the harness is connected to the battery directly.

      This is exactly how the fog lights are, with the ballasts obviously connected where the fogs are.
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        If its not the grounds then the relay is bad.


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          That relay on that diagram I swapped out with the brand new harness. You thinking I should swap out that entire harness with the new one, even though they are basically identical?


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            Troubleshoot the ballasts and bulbs first. Swap bulbs between ballasts and see if they work on whichever side is working. Then swap ballasts from one side to the other, see if they work.


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              im having the same problem

              when i connect everything up only the driver side foglight w/hid works
              and when i disconnect the ground it goes off and then i connect it back the driver works fine and the passenger side flickers then doesnt go on