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OEM color temperature of new Mercedes CLS headlights?

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  • OEM color temperature of new Mercedes CLS headlights?

    It seems like having same color temperature as the LED around xenon. I thought both of them are 6500k at least blue but very bright. I'm using Osram coolblue 5000K D1S bulbs. Compared with Merc CLS,my 5000k is yellow.

    I'm wondering what bulbs are on OEM cars? Blue,bright and legal?

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    Damn! I just found new CLS has dynamic full-LED headlights, no more xenon。


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      Most OEM bulbs are 4200-4300K.

      Phillips 85122,85122+,85126,85126+ are common D2S\D2R bulbs. ~4300K

      OSRAM Xenarc 66240. ~4300K
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        Originally posted by hayashi_766 View Post
        Damn! I just found new CLS has dynamic full-LED headlights, no more xenon。
        Yea, you ought to see it in action.
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          from what i've heard they're 5500K. my dad own ones, and theyre pretty awasome. pure white


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            Here's a quote from an older thread i put up whenever i got to mess with them.

            and a link for the thread:

            Originally posted by Ramy Fathi View Post
            Just took a few quick pictures. Don't have my good camera on me, so these will have to suffice.

            Things i noticed:

            1. everything is LEDs
            2. Low beams have an incredible cut-off with a nice purple color band.
            third, when you turn on the high beams, the low beam cut off stays the same. meaning that the low beams are done using a projector while the highbeams use other leds.
            3. there's a button, if you press it, the driver side cutoff drops, and moves leftwards. (video included) I think its for fog lights, not sure though. The lower drl/fog lights come on with it.
            4. the car has adaptive lights. ( you know lower high beams as traffic approaches, turn lights with steering wheel, etc)

            Video of the cutoff lowering and moving:


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              Lets hope TRS starts stocking those soon
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                This is amazing, "never needs replacement."


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                  There is a lighting company across the street from my office. They just put up LED flood lights and they are really damn bright. I'm wondering if I could tear into the ballast on those to see how hard it would be to build a 12v based ballast. It could work out as a good retro LED light source. I'll have to check with them to see if there are any other models of LED lighting with a higher output.