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Strange problem with H13 wiring

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  • Strange problem with H13 wiring

    I have a 2008 Pontiac Solstice that I did a projector retrofit in 2016. It worked fine for the first year-ish and then one of the ballasts blew. Got it replaced under warranty and the replacement lasted about a week until it blew. Again, replaced under warranty and the replacement lasted about as long. was frustrated and didn't want to just keep throwing new ballasts at it that would only last a week so I left it alone. Fast forward to this year when I decided it might be time to sell, so I have to get this issue sorted. I contacted TRS for tech support and they said it's entirely likely that I had a run of back luck and that they still recommended replacing the ballast. Didn't really get any further tech support or troubleshooting assistance. I bought replacement ballasts, this time Profile Powerhouse, since I suspected a wiring issue, maybe having a lower wattage ballast would help, but still get the higher output for high beam activation. I did a test fit and they seem to work properly for now, except for one strange behaviour. I haven't made a high beam Y harness yet, so at first I had the projector flap solenoid hooked up and everything worked normally as expected. Then to test out the wattage swap, I hooked up the ballast overdrive to the high beam connector and as soon as I plugged in the driver side, the passenger side went to high output and didn't change with the highbeam switch. The passenger side was the one with the ballast issue, so I'm suspecting a wiring fault somewhere, problem is I have no idea where to start. the harness supplies 12V to the main ballast power connector and I'm about to check the rest of the system, but as I said, I have no idea what is normal or what I should be checking for. Hoping to tap into some experience here and get me on the right track without just throwing new parts at it constantly.

    Thanks in advance.

    Everything is from 2016 except the Powerhouse Ballasts
    Car: 2008 Pontiac Solstice
    Harness Morimoto Motocontrol BiXenon 9012/H13
    Bulbs: Morimoto D2S XB 5500K
    Origial Ballasts: Morimoto XB55
    New Ballasts: Profile Powerhouse
    Projector: Mini D2S 3.0

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    Update: It turns out the high power plug on the new powerhouse ballasts are polarized and I had one of the plugs backwards. So far they all seem to be functioning correctly. Note for anyone in the future, if you use these ballasts make sure the high beam connector is connected with the proper polarity.

    Now to wait and see if these ballasts blow out or if I actually had that bad of luck before.