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Upgrading my Osram D8S

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  • Upgrading my Osram D8S

    Hi all,

    I have a Citroen DS3 Sport with Osram D8S HID's (25W). They are a bit dull coming from LED lighting and I am dying to upgrade them. I see the base on my globes are a PK32D-1. Does this mean I need this exact base if I want a direct fit? Not PK32D-2, 3 or 4 etc?

    I understand any Voltage variance means I need to change the Ballast as well, yes?

    Ultimately, I am looking for LED, though I would be happy to upgrade to 35W globes if it were a lot easier. Plug and play is ideal, but I am flexible.

    Currently I am looking at the D3S which are 42V rather than my 40V. They appear to have a very similar base.

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    I once upgraded the ballast and the bulb from 25 to 35 watts. Never tried just the bulbs. But from what i understanding is the ballasts will make the brightness of the bulb. So you would definitely have to upgrade the whole system if you would want to keep the Xenon.
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