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2010 Nissan Xterra: Troubleshooting older install

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  • 2010 Nissan Xterra: Troubleshooting older install

    Hey guys.

    My install is probably about 8yrs old, but this problem has been occuring for atleast 3yrs...I'm just incredibly tolerant of inconvenience. I'm stumped and could use some help.

    I have a TRS 35w Morimoto kit. When I turn my lights on when it's cold, only one hid lights (the one by the battery...left side). If I flick my lights on and off enough times, the other driver's side will fire. I thought it was maybe the relay, so I replaced the wiring harness, because it was corroded and cheap, and I needed some other stuff from TRS dice, problem persists.

    I swapped ballasts just to see if the behavior followed the ballasts (xb35), and it did not. The number of times I need to turn my lights on/off to get both headlights to fire increases with the cold..when it's really cold out (40F and below), it can take dozens of times. In the Summer (80F), I rarely have it happen. It's starting to get cold where I live, and I'm finally done doing this Has anyone seen this type of behavior? It's going to get expensive if I need to get a spare ballast and bulb to start guessing.


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    I'd try a new set of bulbs


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      Originally posted by gold94corolla View Post
      I'd try a new set of bulbs
      Like he said. It does sound like you haven't tried swapping bulbs around to see if the problem follows the bulbs instead. At least that would confirm a faulty bulb if it worked and is a good idea anyway before forking out the cash for new bulbs.
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