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Intermittent HID setup after accident - Need help troubleshooting

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  • Intermittent HID setup after accident - Need help troubleshooting

    I have a HID setup that I have been having intermittent issues with and trying to figure out what component(s) may need to be replaced. I hit a deer on the drivers side a couple years ago. The ballast on the drivers side was lost in the accident so I ordered a new one. Both side lights seemed to work OK after installing the new ballast. The projectors, bulbs, wiring harness and ignitors are all original since before the accident. Prior to the accident I had no issues with the setup, it was working perfectly.

    About a year after the accident, I started to experience some intermittent issues when turning the headlights on. Sometimes when I turn the HL on, both lights turn on, sometimes only one (driver or passenger), and sometimes neither. Cycling the power will sometimes change which light(s) are on, although I usually have to do this several times for it to change. Occasionally when driving a light that is on will turn off and stay off.

    What I have done so far:
    1. I have inspected the ballasts and they show no sign of leakage, overheating, bulging, etc.
    2. When the lights are on, they are full bright and not dim, no flickering or pink glow.
    3. I am pretty handy with a multimeter, so later today I plan to test the harness to verify that all the relays are working every time I turn on the headlights.

    I'm looking for input on where to start troubleshooting, as my thought process rules out all components:
    1. Since the drivers side ballast has been replaced, and both sides are experiencing this behavior it should not be the ballasts.
    2. The bulbs do not appear to be the issue as the brightness appears to be normal, no flickering, no pink glow.
    3. The harness doesn't appear to be at fault since it works some of the time and not other. Could possibly be a connection, but doesn't seem likely as the power cycling wouldn't' change a loose connection. As mentioned above I am going to see if I can verify the harness later today.

    The setup:
    Morimoto D2S 3.0 Projectors
    D2S 5500K bulbs
    Lightwerks HID harness
    XB35 ballasts

    Any thoughts/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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    One of my HID harness (for 9007 / 9004 dual filament halogen bulbs), the pins and sockets that connect 1 OE connector (that normally powers 1 of the OE halogen bulbs) to the "signal" side of the harness seemed to be the culprit. Multimeter test shows good connection, but that the connection is sensitive to how the wire & connector rest; if the harness is pulled or twisted to a particular direction, I get intermittent startup issues. In my case, one of the pins appear to have some play when mated to its socket. I added a little bend on the pin to improve mechanical contact and the issue seemed to have disappeared. This was around 2 years ago, so it seems to be working. Before that, I thought one of the grounding points to the chassis was the issue.
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      Thanks Satrya.

      I ended up replacing the relays as the first step (even though the multimeter showed they were good) and that fixed the problem. Not sure if the issue was due to the accident or just cheap relays that are unreliable.

      I do despise the male connector for the OE bugeye halogen connector. I always put a zip tie on the female release to hold it in place as it always seems loose. One of these days I will create a better male connector that actually snaps in place.


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        You're welcome. Yes, the 9007/9004 I referred to goes to the bugeye. Since you got a new harness, if the root cause is the same as mine, that should take care of it for a while. I run 3-way quad for my bugeye so I need 2 sets of harnesses. With that, I've gone through 3 so far and even the newer one ran into the same issue. But the fix was the same, it was the 9007 pin/socket connection going loose over time.
        Jul 2012 ROTM (3-way quad headlight) ; Sep 2015 ROTM (custom muli-lens 7" fogs)

        3-way quad wiring; foreground limiter; squirrel finder;