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Is it possible to just buy half of a relay box?

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  • Is it possible to just buy half of a relay box?

    I have a relay "box" thing that I believe has failed as my driver's side light no longer illuminates but my passenger side does. This happened previously and they had to replace the box of the relay. I hope that makes sense. Last time, the shop had to give me a new box as one worked and one didn't. I just want one box again but it looks like trs sells them in pairs? Local shop charges $25 for the one, but I am not sure of the brand nor quality.

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    If they are standard relays, you can buy a replacement almost anywhere. Amazon, Ebay, local car parts store, etc. Otherwise contact TRS directly. Before buying parts, swap the relays left/right and see if the problem swaps sides. If it does, then you have a bad relay and need a new one. If it doesn't, then the relay wasn't the problem.

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