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  • JK LED headlights

    I am getting ready to open a pair of 2018 Jeep JK OEM LED headlights for paint. I plan to paint the silver textured ring as seen in the picture below. My first question is - Do I need to use a specific paint? Second question is - Do you think it would have any negative impact to paint the portion that is circled in red in the second picture? The reason I am thinking about painting it is due to the fact that its all one piece. The silver textured ring, large chrome ring that had JEEP stamped on it and the top portion of the projector are with the vents. That is all one piece. If it seems it will have an ill affect I suppose I would just tape it off before painting.

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    You can perform a test to see if the curcled portion reflects usable light or not. After opening the headlight run the headlight once with it attached and another time without it or with it taped off as if it were painted. Make sure in both instances the light is pointed the same way and that you have a way to take pictures for later reference. Measure twice cut once, amiright?
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      Usually textured areas surrounding the main optics are meant to diffuse light from scattering at angles. Painting that ring with a gloss paint may or may not be seen in the beam pattern.