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Need ideas for sealing hole at back of headlight

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  • Need ideas for sealing hole at back of headlight

    Hi, I needed to make a cut to let the projectors sit back properly inside the housing. Now I need ideas on how to seal it up.

    I'm thinking to use aluminium tape to cover the hole. I would only stick the tape to housing while keeping the sticker on back of tape around the hole part so that it wouldnt stick to projector as it need to move during adjustments.

    I can then use silicone on the edges of tape to ensure it does not come off. Anyone has better ideas?

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    I would probably put some tape over it all to give it structure, and then JB weld over the entire thing to make a permanent rigid structure, ensuring enough room to adjust inside.


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      Do you have enough room there for additional alignment?
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        Not much, I'm thinking to shave a little more off the edges to allow for left-right movement


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          Yeah, make the opening larger for alignment movement, make a tape structure that has full clearance and then cover that on the outside with a layer of JB weld or let it cure after the first layer and add a 2nd layer of weld from the outside for rigidity.


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            Thanks, I'll follow this


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              If you have some scrap ABS plastic (like piece of a broken radio or toy) or left over scrap of PVC pipe, you can make a little box to cover that.

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