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high beams not working

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  • high beams not working

    Do the bulbs matter when installing a retrofit? I tried to do the retrofit myself and my high/low beams were working but it looked like crap so I got a new set of lights and paid a guy to do it. He returned them, to me, they look great, but when I flip the high beam switch my lights just go off, no high beam. Low works just fine. They bulbs I gave him to install in mine were the D2S osram 66240 CBI bulbs. When I took them out to look after the high beams didn’t work those were not the bulbs that were in there, they looked like some from autozone or something. Do the bulbs matter or is it all in the solenoid of the projector?

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    Yes, the bulbs matter. Get your CBI's back ASAP. And depending on what you are retrofitting from, (H4 vs 9006 vs h1 vs h11 etc.) You could have ground switching or a host of other issues. More info is needed.


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      Yes, I agree with 4RunnerMan here, these are two different issues you're having. One is simple, the retrofitter replaced some quality bulbs with cheaper ones which is basically stealing. The other is your high beams and more info is needed so we can better help you. This has to be like the most common question on this forum now. People get their headlights back from the retrofitter and either the low beam or high beam doesn't even work.
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