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Trying to upgrade my headlights and running into all sorts of issues...please help a newb out.

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  • Trying to upgrade my headlights and running into all sorts of issues...please help a newb out.

    Im at my wits end trying to figure out how to get a good beam/throw pattern. I recently purchased some Sealight LEDs for my truck. They werent particually good looking in the factory reflective housings. So I purchased some projector housings to hopefully get a better result. I dont know the brand of the projector fixtures, but after reading around, they must be garbage fixtures becaus I cant even drive with the illumination Im getting out of them. Even on brights, they look dimmer than in the factory lenses. The low beam is absolutely horrible. I have a huge dead space right in fron of the truck and athin layer of light way out along with two thin beams off to each side. The cut off is so bad that any dip casues all loss of illumination of the rise/hill ahead. Im wondering if the projctors I bought are specific for halogen/omin-directional bulbs. I havent tried the old halogens yet, but I will try tonight if the rain holds off. I didnt realize just how particular the headlight fixture and LED market was. Ive read a lot since my ill advised purchase, but I want to make sure Im not missing something. In the picture, the top one is my Avalanche with factory reflective lenses and Sealight 9005s and 9006s, on the low beam setting. The bottom is my truck with the new projectors and same bulbs as the Avy. Its far worse than the pic looks. The two middle shots are close to the garage and a street shot of the truck. From what ive read, I measured the center height of the projector and did my best to adjust the beams 2" lower at about 8'-10' from the garage. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Looks like the factory lights lack width and those projectors have a too-aggressive foreground limiter. Depending on the housings you bought, you might be able to swap out the projectors in them with something else.

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      Instead of me guessing, without breaking the bank, what would you suggest getting, after market projector fixture wise, for the 2006 sierra? I just want to be able to secently.


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        What I was trying to say in my last reply was, what are some suggestions for fixtures for a 2006 Sierra? Nothing crazy expensive, but better than the apparent garbage I have. Also, I tried to edit my last post and I cant see the text to edit because of the "star field" in the text area. I had to change the color of the text just so I could see what Im typing now. How do I have a blank background when I make posts or replies? Sorry for the ignorant questions here, but something that seems so simple to upgrade is a royal pain in the ass. It seems you cant trust most of the crap you see on the internet. I read reviews, then Ill run across another review that is totally counter ooposite to the good review I read. Thanks for any suggestions.

        I tried editing my last reply, but I cant see it to edit it because of the star field as the background for the text field. I changed the font color so I could see to type this. How do I change to a blank text field so I can see what Im typing? Anyways, what I was trying to say in my reply was what are a few suggestions for mid range fixtures brands? Apparently the ones I have are China garbage. They were $120. For something so simple to upgrade, its so frustrating not knowing what to order and what not to order. I read reviews before purchasing LEDs and settled for Sea Light LEDs. After reading around more online, I discovered what you should look for when buying them. How is the average consumner supposed to be able to discern what to buy in what was once such a cut and dried task?
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          In order to make the text box readable, you have to click the "source" button at the top left of the typing window, which has the <> symbol on it. Sorry about that


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            Originally posted by gold94corolla View Post
            Sorry about that
            Hey you break it you fix it

            Originally posted by Daffypuck View Post
            So I purchased some projector housings to hopefully get a better result.
            From what I understand from your post, you tried to maximize your use from some plug-and-play (PNP for short) LEDs by using them in projectors instead of reflectors.

            The thing is even a good set of projectors or reflectors work best with the light source they are designed around. So if your new headlights are made for halogens and they're well designed then halogens will for sure work well there. May not be a lot of light but the projectors are doing what they're supposed to do at this point. Same goes for reflectors of course.

            Some people find good results when trying PNP LEDs in a halogen fixture, they are the exception not the rule. Same goes for trying PNP HID in halogen fixtures.

            Your best bet is to use OEM fixtures (or good replicas) as intended or do a projector retrofit. Make sure you choose projectors that fits your fixture and have good optics and use them as intended. A biLED projector retrofit might be a pricey option but what you see in a review is pretty much what you get because you don't have to then choose bulbs or ballasts. It is what it is pretty much.
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