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passenger side hid farthest from relay does not turn on with auto lights/when the truck is turning on

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  • passenger side hid farthest from relay does not turn on with auto lights/when the truck is turning on

    so i have a 2003 hummer h2 with a aftermarket 55w hid kit that i installed with a relay. idrk if this happened before but i just recently installed my setup and also rechecked the grounds and redid my connections and its still happenign but i think it has to do more with my truck rather then ballast or wiring problem. so let me explain.
    my truck has auto lighting so if its dark outside or im parked in a covered parking lot and i goto turn on my truck, i start the truck and the lights come on and i noticed that the driver side is on but the passenger side does not turn on. after tinkering it seems what i have to do, is manually turn the light switch to off and then turn the switch to headlamps and thats when both turn on and stay on. it seems (with my memory) if i turn the lights turn switch off and then i move it back to auto, only the driver side turns on. i have however also noticed if my memory serves me correct that if i am driving outside before it turns dark and i have auto lights on, that when it turns dark both my lights turn on perfectly fine.

    so with my thinking i assume it has to do with low voltage during starting? like maybe my truck pulls too much power or the ballasts do and because of this the ballast furthest from the relay does not turn on. but the confusion also is that if my memory serves me right, how come when i turn the switch from auto to off, and then back to auto, the passenger still stays off and however when i do auto to off, back to manual headlamp on, they both turn on? like that doesnt make sense to me, shouldnt it also turn on in auto considering it is dark outside and or my driver side is on? does this have to do with the auto lights and voltage? i thought auto lights was just the sensor telling the lights to turn on when its dark out

    lastly what do u think i can do about this? just somehow try to disable my auto lights and manually turn on the lights when and only when the truck is fired up? or do i just deal with it like how i am already and just switch the lights off and on etc


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    Someone here had a similar issue

    Turned out it was a bad grounding point but your milage may vary. But still it's a good idea to start narrowing down the problem by switching around bulbs, ballasts...etc from one side to the other till you notice a change.
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