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Osram CBB kinda yellow.

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  • Osram CBB kinda yellow.

    I wanted to get a bright HID bulb for my full-size Range Rover 2012 (ballast 35w) so I bought a pair of Osram CB yesterday.

    After installation, when the lights first turn on, they get quite white (which I like), yet after a few seconds, they quickly settle down to a yellowish tone. Is this the problem with the ballast, the lens (they are actually quite clear), or the bulbs as they haven't been broken in yet?

    All help is greatly appreciated.

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    It would certainly help matters if you post a picture of what the colour looks like. Members who run these can then confirm if there was something off.
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      I think it's been a very common thing in the past that bulbs eventually settle into a different color as they age, so I'd break them in first. Also, some projectors can make the light look yellower than others depending on the lens.