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Is it possible for a certain HID kit to pull too much current for a certain vehicle?

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  • Is it possible for a certain HID kit to pull too much current for a certain vehicle?

    Hello, so I have a 2003 hummer h2 and this vehicle does not have canbus. I remember back in the day like 2010 I ordered a 35w hid kit from ebay and i remember it was just some garbage kit probbaly from china but it honestly worked really get for 6 years and lasted thru cold winters and tons of driving, i was honestly very surprised. well that kit messed up in around 2016 so i switched back to halogens as i really didnt drive my truck that much. well now i ordered a set of 55w digital ac hid kit from aliexpress seller buildreamen2. i believe these china kits are always bashed and i guess i should have done some more research but my last kit was so good so i thoiught why not. this buildreamen2 kit seemed to be the most expensive i paid like $80 cad, and seemed to have amazing reviews. it comes with slim ballasts with indicator light to tell if soemthing is wrong and also apparently i assume its a gimmic but it comes with extra bright bulbs. well i got the kit with the relay harness and i hooked it all up and everything worked fine and then a few days later i noticed my one bulb on driver side wouldnt work and i noticed that the driver side ballast was blinking a red light. i rechecekd the connections and reconnected them but it still seems to have the same problem. i spoke to the seller and he sent me a new ballast. i installed the new ballast replacing the old "broken" one on driver side but then i noticed now the passenger side has the same problem even tho that side was perfect. i completely redid the connections again and swapped the bulbs and its still not working. the driver side is perfectly fine like the xenon light is on and works but the passenger side xenon turns on for like 3 seconds and then shuts off and then the ballast starts blinking red. he seems to think that this kit is too powerful for my vehicle, he says that the working current is over 4.5a and the starting current is over 8a. and he thinks i need to downgrade to a less current kit i guess to fix the problem (it would still be 55w)

    i have the relay connected directly to the battery with the driver side grounded to the negative batt terminal and then the passenger side of the relay is grounded to the frame with a bolt.
    i believe i used 14 guage wire when i had to extend the ground wires from the original relay harness with butt connectors

    so i wanted to ask, is this possible? like could it be that the kit is too powerful for my truck? it seemed to work perfectly fine for the few days that i ran it so i dont understand and i dont have any canbus or anything. the seller also doesnt seem to explain what the lights mean on the ballast. his short description is that if there is no light thne the bulb is bad, and if there is a light then ballast could be bad.

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    Nah, low quality equipment.
    Also, HID kit in halogen reflector = big no no
    Your reflective bits burnt yet?