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Headlight Plastic Lens Composition - How Many Layers

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  • Headlight Plastic Lens Composition - How Many Layers

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum. I decided to join in hope of getting some answers to my impossible task. Long story short I bought used headlights from someone who decided to retrofit his headlights but messed them up completely. I had to sand down the housing, shrouds, and lenses again(inside and outside). I know sanding inside the lens is a big no no but I had no choice since they were badly damaged and sprayed with some chemicals. While the retrofitting process is going smoothly. The lens covers is becoming a problem. My goal is to get to the bare plastic but Im just digging in deeper and deeper into the lens (800 grit) Just how many layers does the lens have? This is for a Infiniti G37 Coupe by the way if it makes any difference. I cant seem to sand a layer evenly I just go deeper. This is actually the second time Im sanding because the first time I sanded and sprayed 2k Clear Max I saw shadows spots of unevenly sanded layers. Im not sure if Im affecting the optics of inside of headlights. please advise. Thank you.

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    I believe the polycarbonate plastic used for headlight housing outer lenses are homogenous, so there are no layers per se. The more you sand, the thinner it gets. It might affect the impact strength, but I don't think there is any other consideration.

    You may want to add clear headlight film protection, between 20 to 40 mil thickness.
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