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  • Hotspot issue

    Hello, Maybe someone with hot spot experience can help me out.

    I'm running TRS FXR 3.0 retrofits in my Tacoma. The bulbs i'm running are the new OSRAM nightbreaker D2S next gen.

    I'm having an issue where it appears that my hotspot isn't located properly. I tried manually moving the bulb while it was on to see if i could move the hotspot.
    Left and right it doesn't change the location and when i recenter it you can see the center of the patter realign with the center of the cut-off.
    Up and down it just moves the wings of the cut-off.

    I'm thinking the depth is i pulled the bulb out a little and the pattern in the picture got worse, its spread out.
    is it possible to seat a bulb deeper? to bring the hot spot together?

    Have a look at these pictures and let me know what you think
    The passenger side cutoff is very visible and the pattern is okay but the driver side isn't visible compared to the passenger side, especially when they are both on.

    Driver side cutoff and hot spot (bulb too shallow?)

    Passenger side and driver site together

    weird hot spot from driverside below cutoff location, cutoff not visible.
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    I have read about FX-R hotspot issues in the past. I don't have direct experience with it, I thought it might be caused by an uneven surface on the area where the bulb base mounts to on the projector.
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