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Mondeo Mk4 Bi-Xenon replacement - Xenon or LED alternatives?

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  • Mondeo Mk4 Bi-Xenon replacement - Xenon or LED alternatives?

    Hi Everyone! New to the forum (although hovered round unregistered for a while!)

    I have a 2009 Mondeo mk4 with the factory Bi-Xenon units. MUCH better than the older AFS headlights (which were like candles), but still pretty abysmal compared ot other Bi-Xenon cars.

    I've done some digging around, and seen a few alternatives; the retrofitlab morimoto units compelte with mounting brackets (but seen some mixed reviews one them). I've also seen mention of using Audi A4 projectors but no detail about it other than they are much better!

    Finally, i've been reading of fitting the Lexus Koito BiLed units - albeit with a fair amount of modification and losing half the mounting points!

    I would prefer not to have to modify the headlight housing, but i need an improvement to the current setup!

    Can anyone make any recommendations please? All suggestions greatfully received

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    There are many vendors now that sell brackets. retrofitlabs should be okay if you want the simple mounting system.
    maybe these could fit too:
    Subaru Outback retrofit:
    License plate lights with dual brightness:


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      Could the reflector bowl of the biXenon be damaged? While rare, OE parts of the reflector bowl surface can degrade over time. It would look like yellowing/ browning of the reflector surface. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to inspect without opening the headlight housing. If you have a very small mirror attached to a long stalk, or if you have one of those endoscope / borescope type of camera with a very small tip that can be bent to more than 90 degrees, you can snake such camera in through the bulb opening.
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