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2012 Mercedes E550 Bi-Xenon Retrofit Options

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  • 2012 Mercedes E550 Bi-Xenon Retrofit Options

    Sorry for the long Title, I figured that if I actually got some answers on here, I could help out other people that have the same questions searching on Google.

    I haven't found any options for the 2012(W212 Pre-Facelift) Bi-Xenon E550 that has the adaptive bright lights and all that glamour and glitz. Auto leveling and all. I'm honestly just looking to make the cutoff a lot sharper and output alot better. Not a fan of the current output and even worse the cutoff. Looks like two blurry water waves. Coming from a TSX clear lens Retrofit, this is horrendous. Are there any retro options? I've heard there are alot of options for the E55 projectors, but that's not what I have. I have the OEM Bi-xenon. Any morimoto options? I've asked this over on the Benz forums and they suggested I come here. Any particular kits just drop in? Maybe just alter the cutoff shield? Also, could upgrading the bulbs make a huge difference in output or is that more based solely on the projector? Any other questions feel free to ask but I have YET to see this specific question asked.

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    How 'integrated' are the projectors to the AFS brackets (if it has any)? Perhaps you could remove the OE projectors, and install something with custom brackets/cutting/etc. ? Might be worthwhile finding a second hand pair of headlights to play around with, even if they're smashed/junk.
    I'm assuming you've done the whole no-hazy-lenses thing, and checked bowls for wear/burning.


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      Not 100% sure exactly how integrated they are. I honestly havent even torn my headlights apart yet. I figured Id get the most info I could on it before just jacking around with it. Ive heard so far that the EVO XR will work. They drop in, but are those the only options available for this vehicle? Read somewhere also that if you are a noob to retrofitting with AFS, you should get the EVO XR 1.0 instead of 2.0 because it bolts up easier to the AFS? Im not sure how accurate any of this is but if anyone has any kind of experience or knowledge on this, please chime in. Trying to do as little modifications as possible(drilling/cutting etc). Id also like to do a lens swap. Seen good things about the EVO XR 2.0 but figured maybe I could get an even better clear lens to throw on there for better performance?


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          The Morimoto projectors come with clear lens


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            I would advise to search Ali express and all the other vendors for brackets that adapt from the old to new projectors.
            Good luck.
            Subaru Outback retrofit:
            License plate lights with dual brightness:


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              Are these your headlights?

              They say a ZKW-R lens will work
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