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Which bi-xenon projector should I use?

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  • Which bi-xenon projector should I use?


    I have a BMW 523i E39 with xenon facelift headlights that are really bad because of burnt projectors. I'm therefor looking into replacing the projectors with a set of bi-xenon projectors but don't know what to get as I hear different opinions wherever I go.

    The projectors I've been recommended are:
    1. Morimoto EVOXR 2.0
    2. Morimoto Mini D2S 5.0
    3. NHK G5-R
    4. NHK G5-EX
    I've found that the differences are the intensity at the hotspot as well as the width and cutoff of the beam pattern. Which one would be the best allround option? I live in Sweden if that has any impact on the best choice. Also, anyone here from Sweden that knows the legality of and upgrade like this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If your car came with OE HID, I don't see why swapping the projector would be illegal, unless they do fancy measurements for inspection.
    I'd go with the G5-R as I like the beam, but whatever fits into your headlights the easiest would be better than the burnt bowls.