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Do older headlights channels crack easily?

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  • Do older headlights channels crack easily?

    Currently trying to open a pair of 3 series headlights from 2008. Ive tried baking them and heat gunning the channels and carefully prying them open. But every time I try to get under the lens they tend to crack or have stress marks about to break.

    Background – I have done multiple bmw headlights with permaseal and never had this issue but most of the cars were either summer driven or fairly new, ~5 years. The car im working on now has been in countless winters and over close to 13 years old.

    Really frustrating, I was always never keen on the cutting method but I am really considering it now. Is there a point where plastic gets too old and not as mallable?

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    Yes it is very likely that your older headlights got brittle over the years. Also the glue hardened even more.

    Maybe there are some aftermarket housings for your car that don't use permaseal.
    Subaru Outback retrofit:
    License plate lights with dual brightness:


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      What is the material of the housing? Just curious, there should be some markings on it for material type (E.g PP-GF20 or something like that).