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Which setup for OEM imrpovement style?

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  • Which setup for OEM imrpovement style?

    Hello there
    I open this topic because i don't know how to do....

    My family car have H7 bulbes for low beam, and i want to improve lighting.
    The major problem is that in france, it is very difficult to modify cars.... (The law is very restrictive).

    i have to find a balance between night vision and fog / rain condition....

    So, i have 3 ways of investigation:

    - OEM H7 Bulbs => they are not working long beacause of the automatic light swich...
    - H7 LED => major of them are in 6000K and it is to blue, as my car wasn't produce in Hid system, COPS are immediatly look it is not OEM....
    - HID kits => Only 25W kit are allowed....

    So, for light color, i think 4/5000K should be ok.
    LEDs are easy to istall, but not easy to find "uinder" 6000K.
    HIDs need more time to insteall, light modification, but the color is easy to find.

    What people are thinking about?
    Some ideas?
    (My car lights will be restored, because they are a little bit hazzy).

    Many thanks to everybody (and sorry for my language....)

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    What car is this?


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      It is my "children box":


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        With an OE reflector like that, a projector retrofit will be quite noticeable. Even though this is probably the best option from a proper visibility upgrade point of view, I don't know what the considerations should be in France.

        As for bulb replacement (like you originally stated); the most feasible option would be a slightly higher wattage halogen bulb; it retains the same optics as the OE, but may have a somewhat reduced lifespan. PnP (plug-and-play) LED and HID bulbs will likely throw light improperly; if there is a proper one, you'd have to experiment by buying so many different brands before you find one that fits the Picasso.
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          Hello, I would like to add to what satrya said: that the low beam reflector seems to be pretty small and with a good fitting shroud it would look OEMish. If you go with 4300k color I think you could get away with it.

          But if you don't want to go that route some brighter halogen bulbs with a voltage booster might be best.

          ALlo I noticed the fog lights sit quite high. You might be able to find bi-hid fog lights that are feasable as low beams. something like this: 93fs5dU&algo_pvid=219d1a13-187e-4cab-94f2-3e86d6b10836&algo_expid=219d1a13-187e-4cab-94f2-3e86d6b10836-2&btsid=b4de1d61-cb52-458e-8f1a-38d46636a24e&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb2016 02_6,searchweb201603_53
          I don't know if these will fit your car... but there are hundreds of options.
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            It is a long time i haven't be connected here, i forgott this topic....$


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              welcome back lol


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                Hella sells this


                And it seems your car takes a standard 90mm fog light housing. Hella specifies a bracket for that sealed unit that looks like it would match well with the standard 4 hole locations of the standard 90mm fog.

                You'd need a relay harness of course to protect the fog light stock wiring. You'd be able to turn it on independently even if your car has automatic headlights. And you can wire the projector's high beam to come on with the stock high beams. This way you can run the reflector low/high without the bixenon in the fogs if you choose. And if your car allows it, you can run the projector low/high without the main reflector beam.
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